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Wild Times July 2024

Taylor Collins’ and Katie Forrest’s life journey has taken them from restoring their bodies to restoring their land. The once-vegetarian Austin couple went vegan after health issues got in the way of sports training. When things got worse, they consulted a nutritionist who urged them to add clean meat protein to their diet. They did, and things quickly turned around. The entrepreneurs then founded EPIC Provisions, creating the world’s first grass-fed meat, fruit, and nut bar. The successful company was sold in 2016, and Taylor and Katie invested in a depleted Texas Hill Country ranch to demonstrate the potential of regenerative agriculture. Through their land stewardship, ROAM Ranch is coming back to life.

"We look to Mother Nature for answers," said Taylor. "If we just create the stage for her to do what she's been doing for hundreds of thousands of years, the healing will happen and it can happen really fast. And that's what we're seeing out here, which is really encouraging."

Taylor and Katie are thrilled to join the ranks of TPWF's We Will Not Be Tamed ambassadors. We Will Not Be Tamed calls us to appreciate the wildness of Texas, the vastness of our Texas spirit and why we should be inspired to conserve it. 

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  Story #2: Join TPWF and Win a Weekend at ROAM Ranch!  

Taylor and Katie believe that regenerative ranching can help save the world, and they are aiming to prove it. ROAM Ranch near Fredericksburg is currently amid a large-scale ecosystem restoration process in which livestock is used to replicate the patterns of native species. Taylor and Katie believe they can positively impact large-scale agriculture through producing nourishing food that improves the lives of animals, enriches the health of consumers, and regenerates the land on which we all depend.

They want to share what they know, and offer regular tours of their ranch. Now they want to extend a special opportunity for TPWF members. If you join or renew your membership with TPWF before March 31, you will be entered into a TPWF drawing* for a chance to win a weekend on ROAM Ranch with We Will Not Be Tamed ambassadors Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest. The weekend includes a 2-night stay at a ranch cabin, a ranch tour and introduction to regenerative agriculture, time with the bison herd and close access to all the things that make this corner of Texas so special. (Fredericksburg restaurants, shops, nearby wineries and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.)

JOIN NOW to support TPWF and to be entered into a drawing to win.

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 *The price of membership pays for TPWF membership only and not for the chance to win the weekend at ROAM Ranch. Members who join or renew between January 1 and March 31 are automatically entered in the drawing. Lodging (but not meals) will be provided. Transportation to and from the experience are not included.

  Story #3: Grasshopper Sparrows Need Healthy Grasslands  

Grasshopper Sparrows are more elusive than most sparrows. Their soft, insect-like vocalizations make them hard to find by ear, and these small birds often walk or run on the ground, rather than fly.

Here in Texas, the Grassland Restoration Incentive Program is helping restore the habitat Grasshopper Sparrows and other birds need to survive. That’s why Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is raising funds to support this effort to protect these birds, along with butterflies and a host of other wildlife species. TPWF membership dollars play a critical role in helping to pay for habitat restoration efforts.

By becoming a TPWF member, you can help Grasshoppers Sparrows thrive in Texas.

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  Story #4: Help us Replace Retiring K-9s  

Ruger is one of the original K-9 Texas Game Wardens and works hard every day doing the job he loves. Like his human partner, there will come a day when he needs to retire from his physically demanding career. For Ruger and the team of K-9s that started in 2013, that day is coming in the near future. Replacing each dog is an investment that can cost up to $6,000 per K-9, and another $4,000 for the specialty gear each dog needs. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is launching an effort to raise the dollars needed so that the dogs can be retired and replaced on a schedule that will allow for continuity within the K-9 Unit. Our fundraising goal is $70,000 to replace seven K-9s over the next three years. So far, $24,750 has been raised. Please help us raise the necessary funds to keep our Texas Game Warden K-9 Unit strong.


  Story #5: Thank you Karbach!  


Karbach Brewing Company is partnering with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation on a Southern Wheat Belgian Style White Ale. The Houston brewing company is a We Will Not Be Tamed partner, and will be donating a percentage of sales to TPWF. This month, the company is also offering a chance to win a 3-night getaway to Lajitas.

For information on registering for a chance to win, Text “Wheat” to 78896.



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